Keep Dreaming from Dorothy’s Cheese

Keep Dreaming, from Dorothy’s in Lena, IL

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Keep Dreaming is a beautiful little ash coated small format cow’s milk wheel from Dorothy’s is born out of a cheesemaker’s dream to create a cheese that starts out complex yet creamy, and grows in strength as it matures. In this aspect, I feel like Keep Dreaming is reasonably successful. I have had this cheese once before, quite young, and it is buttery and very mild (even considered TOO mild by some people!). However, if you let this little wheel hang around for a while….it is SUPER flavorful. I bought this wheel probably 2 and a half weeks ago, and I actually just let it hang out in my fridge until yesterday (technically a little after its expiration date, haha). But, it was well worth the wait, because when I cut this little wheel open she was allllllllllll kinds of gooey and dripping. After letting her warm up to room temperature, there was a nice slightly-funky aroma, and the luscious texture spread across my crackers with ease. She was still buttery, but now there were slightly funky slightly floral undertones running throughout the wheel that I really really enjoyed. I paired her with some Cinnamon Firehook crackers, Raspberry Rose preserves from Quince and Apple, and just a pinch of culinary lavender. The end result was a tangy, floral, buttery dream come true, and couldn’t be more perfect for a sunny spring time day.

PROS: Creamy texture, USA made (almost always a PRO for me),  very beginner-friendly, works well with many pairing options!

CONS: Can definitely be a waiting game if you want lots of flavor! When young, it can be TOO mild for some people.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5. I’d definitely still buy it again, and would recommend it to people who are looking to try something mild, but because I did have to wait well past the expiration date to get any major flavor, it’s not going to be joining the ranks of my Favorite Cheeses™.

OTHER FACTS: Keep Dreaming is made with Vegetarian microbial rennet, and is pasteurized, which makes it a nice option for some folks especially!


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